As well we all know, Singapore is one of the most important developing country which has so many specialties with it. We can see that, most of the people in our society willing to spend their vacation in this country because, we don’t need to get VISA for that country. Therefore it will be easy for anyone to fly to that country whenever they wanted. That’s the reason why most of the tourist also like to go to that country. When it comes to tourism in Singapore, it is important to mention that, Singapore is one of the smallest country which has so many nature resources with it. Other than that, there are so many artificial tourism places in that country which entertains everyone without any doubts. Since Singapore is a developing country, it has all the facilities to use the new technologies. That’s how they build their own tourism places in an advanced standards by using the technologies. Most of the times this tourism places in Singapore has never failed to attract the tourists.

It is important to mention that, Singapore doesn’t have their own tradition or culture, because it is the country which is combined by Indian and Chinese culture. Therefore, tourists expected to know Tamil, English or Chinese in order to survive in that country. Accordingly, another important point is that, mandarin is the formal version of Chinese and most of the tourists who visit to this country, are willing to learn mandarin because it is one of the interesting and oldest language. Also, when we to that country we can see advertisements which says that, ‘learn Mandarin in Singapore within 5 day’. Most of the tourists use this Singapore visit to learn something new and they find it as something very useful.

Accordingly, most of the people fly to that country as a business trip. But the issue is, most of such business people are not fluent in tail or Chinese and it will be really hard for them to hold their business in that country without proper language knowledge. However, these business people have good opportunities in Singapore, because there are special course to learn business Chinese in Singapore. This helps them to learn their business language within very short period.

Moreover, Singapore is one of the famous country for, business, gambling, shopping, security and tourism and so many other specialties. Also whoever visit once to Singapore will go again and again to that country because it has so many specialties with it.