As a developed society, we need a system of rules and regulations to be put into place and followed. These are guidelines which help us to move forward and live our lives in a moral and ethical way. Law enforcement is needed all over the world to maintain a civilized way of living, unlike ancient times where such developed systems of law did not exist, which led to barbaric behaviour such as the time of the Vikings and the Huns etc. In ancient times, it was due to the lack of a proper law enforcement system that led to so many invasions and so many wars, and was the reason that pillaging, murder and violence was so rampant. In today’s context, the law governing a country will act as protection and guidance for its citizens, and includes specialized sections of law, for example, criminal law, employment law, civil law etc.

The law enforcement system has been structured in such a way that if certain guidelines are not followed, or if there is a violation of an ethical or moral code enforced by the government of a country, it is a punishable offence. Due to the progression of human rights over the years, the defendant in any case is to be considered innocent until proven guilty, in order to maintain a fair system of justice. The law enforcement agencies, such as the police department, intelligence and investigations departments, are given the right by an arrest lawyer to arrest a person for a crime if they are thought to be guilty.

The justice system states that every defendant has the right to a fair trial to prove their innocence or guilt, which will require lawyers from both the prosecution and the defence to make their case in the best interests of their respective side. Depending on the nature of the case, the verdict is sometimes given directly by the judge or is given by the jury. If however, there is sufficient evidence which clearly shows that the defendant is guilty, the judge is authorized to bind over the defendant, meaning that there is no further need for the trial. This also works the other way, which is to say the judge can rule that the defendant will carry on in a civilized, peaceful manner.

The law is only handled by those registered and equipped with the right skills and knowledge to handle it, and it is not the duty of citizens to take law into their own hands.