Have you at any point shared something via social media that you have later worried over? Without giving it much thought your Facebook status about the online store who never delivered goods on time may have seemed fair; yet when you understand your supervisor and your Facebook friend have contacts with this online store, you may want to stay away from work for a while. Obviously, everybody makes mistakes and the good news is you can erase a post as fast as you can post one. The terrible news? From a business viewpoint, a tirade on social media can have a negative image on the reputation you worked hard to build on. To stay away from such misfortunes, follow these simple social media etiquettes before you share anything.

Be Real

Just because you’re speaking to your followers via an electronic devise doesn’t mean you need to talk mechanically. Individuals will probably work with somebody they have a feeling that they know instead of a machine. The trick of social media lies in the chance to talk freely and innovatively with your clients, so exploit! Get your graphic design company in Hong Kong to use humor. Make use of memes creatively and carefully. You don’t need to be dry or formal since this isn’t a business profile. Simply act naturally and clients will follow.

Customer is the king

As the age old saying goes, customer is the king. Yes there are times where you might want to roll your eyes at an annoying customer. Anybody that works in customer service will you how this is not always true, yet it is a guiding principle to keep in mind when dealing with clients on social media. If you get involved with negative comments, or even worse fight back on a particular comment, you are making all the energy and time you invested on developing your brand reputation go to waste.  Research conducted by many market research companies shows that brands which respond to negative comments in a harsh way often end up losing their existing client base and potential future customers since they connect this dispute with the way you treat your remaining clients.

Once it’s online it stays there forever

Quite contrary to the physical reality, virtual space lets you to erase those controversial life choices that have been recorded in years past. However, the radiant option to delete, is accompanied by methods such as, for example, screenshots, retweets, and downloading images from anyplace on the internet. This implies that if you share or post something not as much as complimenting, it can be recreated by any Internet troll in the matter of seconds, and go viral. Keep in mind this stand the same to comments, content, and statuses—once something is shared on social media it will stay there forever.

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