We all have an aim or an objective we strive to achieve in life. It varies in scale and nature from one person to another. Take a simple look at your group of friends, from your best and closest friend to an acquaintance; of course, they have their own dream leading to a path of their choice. Overseas dream very common among many youngsters at date.  IELTS

It is a belief that educational qualifications obtained from overseas is more valuable and can make their curriculum vitae a colorful. This may have different understandings among many people in the world. Keeping those facts aside, studying abroad is no easy task, you may leave your family and may have to be independent beyond your imagination. There specific rules and guidelines that you must stand by to be selected to the criteria to go abroad. Education and language proficiency is one of the major avenues of evaluation. English is the universal language that is spoken by almost everyone in the world. It necessarily does not have to be your mother tongue for you to be able to read speak and write in English. IELTS exams paves the way to make your overseas dream a reality.  

IELTS is the international English test which assess the language proficiency of individuals in English reading, writing and speaking. IELTS listening a one very important area which is given high priority, in this the candidate is tested for their listening skills and assesses the ability to understand English pronounced and spoken.  

Further, IELTS writing task 1 is categorized as one of the most important tests. This test is further categorized into many parts. Not all these tests put forward will be given at once. Attendance to IELTS class gives you exposure and builds up character and further it helps you mold yourself for the overseas dream you have always wanted to achieve.  

The curriculum for IELTS does not only consist of exams but also gives attention to the life skills needed for the overseas journey. These are necessarily evaluated and assessed by countries such as, United States of America, Australia, England and majority of English speaking countries. Further, the test scores are provided with a cut off mark which needs to be par with or above to be selected and given permission to proceed with your overseas dream. IELTS is not the only such exam and evaluation system provided for non-native English speakers willing to go abroad. Yet certainly, IELTS is the most well-known and popular in the category of English evaluation and assessment.