We all have a passion hidden deep down inside. A secret passion for learning something new, something more, something exciting and something interesting. It is this passion that fuels and drives us in building an ambition or a dream, we plan on making a reality once time comes. It is the reason we go through tough years in high school, fun yet stressful hours of college and lectures and then the never ending cycle of waking up early and getting ready for work on a Monday morning till a Friday evening. However, the difference is that if you were doing something you love, something that you are truly passionate about, then this process or cycle might not be stressful at all. Instead it would be an exciting journey, where you keep getting steps closer, to that buried treasure called success! So how do you choose this so called career path, is a question most of us find difficult to answer as we grow older. It’s like as you grow and mature, unconsciously you give up on those childhood dreams, thus making you lost in a world full of confusion and growing competition. So here are some tips to help you out.

The right judgement

You are your own person. And life is too short to be living someone else’s dreams and wishes, even if it might be your parents. So think about what you can do and what you are best at doing. Don’t think of what other’s want you to do or what they think you are good at doing. It is only yourself that knows your own strengths, weakness, capabilities, skills and talents. So build a plan for yourself. One that matches with these and one that directs and leads you in the way of making that dream come true! And if you want to be a botanist go ahead be it, if you ever wanted to be a professional diver go ahead, nothing should stop you, if you want to be a lawyer then do just that by studying and qualifying with legal cpd programs that shall assist you with this. No matter what simply choose something that you are best at doing. So evaluate yourself right!

Make a list

If you aren’t as capable of identifying what is best for you, then go ahead with the next step. Instead of jumping in to a CPD program or a fancy degree, think of all the career choices that interests you. Jot them down on a list and hold on it. once you have an entire list of what you think is great, then you could either reevaluate these once again and look for something that interests you even more, something you would choose to do if there was no barrier at all whatsoever. And through this you would be able to easily identify what you want to do.


Once you have found potential perfect career options then consider gathering information on all that is necessary and relevant with regards to these potential career choices. Find out about the ideal places that offer to study courses relevant to the particular career, job opportunities available at current with regards to the career choice and such. This way you would be able to make a better judgement that shall guide your entire future in the right path while also ensuring that you get your money’s worth.

Choose what you are best at doing and don’t be scared to accept your quirkiest of talents, because you never know when they might be the next IT thing!