Love it or hate it, you have to admit that water sports are cool. Even if you are not a professional, nothing can match the sheer joy of battling the waves of the sea or the pull of a river and trying to come out on top. While most holidaymakers stick to snorkelling and diving, here are some other water sports that you can try if you have the balls for it.

Ride the Wave

Surfing is one of the most well-known sea sports in the world. Surfers use a light weight board to paddle out into the sea and then jump on top of it as the wave crests and skim or ‘surf’ the wave as it comes down. It may look easy, but mastering the delicate balance between moving on a kinetic body of water and being pulled under, can be very difficult. Surfing is a prestigious sport, with many worldwide competitions and a lot of professional athletes now taking it up.

Wakesurfing Hong Kong is a recent phenomenon which is similar to surfing but on a much smaller scale. Those engaging in it use the wake created by a boat to be pulled forward, which means that they don’t always have to wait for a wave in order to tread water. There are competitions across the world now in this category too, especially in Australia and Hong Kong but it is still a reasonably new sport, drawing only the most interested.

Battling the Spray

Wakesurf is not the only thing that will get you high on water. For those craving a less upright, yet equally thrilling adventure sport, white water rafting is one that will get them going. This involves paddling on an inflatable or solid boat carrying 4,6 or more people down roaring rapids. Most white water rafting experiences involve a certain amount of danger and participants have to know how to swim and wear protective gear like crash helmets and lifejackets. Every country with complex water ways offer white water rafting experiences of varying levels of difficulty, starting with novice levels where the raft simply drops a foot or two into pools of water and then onto a stream, to the most difficult levels where participants navigate entire waterfalls.

Skim the Waves

The least dangerous, and one of the few sports that involve little professional level skill, jet skiing is a great way for amateurs to enjoy the high speeds and thrills one gets through surfing. This involves simply moving through the waves at high speeds on a motor jet adapted for water. It is usually a two-seater and can be enjoyed with a significant other at your back.