Impressing clients is in the fore mind of any new businessman. After all, it’s how you drum up business and create a solid client base as well. But how do you do so? How do you impress clients in a subtle way? If you are curious about the answer to these questions, read ahead to find what our experts have to say on it. 

Dress to impress – whether you are meeting your clients for the very first time, or they happen to be your high profile clients; it’s important that you dress up well for them. Even if it’s a casual setting, you still need to take the time to appear neat and tidy. Wake up early and give yourself a little at-home spa treatment. Start getting dressed early so you wouldn’t have to rush. Most importantly, make sure whatever you have chosen to wear (shoes included) are comfortable and make you feel good; as this will show in form of your confidence.

Word your speech impressively – as much as people remember how you look; they also remember how you sound. Speak in the language you’re most fluent in, and take time to perfect your speech. Speak slowly, as this gives out a confident feel; as though you’re sure your words will be heeded. Use your spare time to improve your vocabulary. Remember key words from what your clients say, and use them to show you’ve been listening and paying attention to them.

Make your surroundings impressive – where you host or hold your meetings too have a large part in impressing your clients. If it’s in your office, make sure the “meeting room” is impressive. A room that is well lit, weather controlled and well presented should work. If you use a share office space, opt to meet your clients somewhere else instead. Higher end coffee shops and even some restaurants make the perfect setting for this kind of meeting.

Train your employees to impress – if you got lucky on the office space for lease in Hong Kong area, and own a building for your business, we are glad for you. Apart from making sure the building and the meeting room looks great, you should also remember to train your employees to impress clients. This is particularly important for those manning the front desk; as they are the first faces your potential clients would see of your business.

Arrive in an impressive way – if you are planning on meeting up with your clients in a place chosen by them, or at their work place, arriving in style too can make an impression. Here, having someone drive you can be more impressive than you driving yourself. It’s an additional advantage that you wouldn’t have to hunt down a hunting place; delaying you for your meeting. Even a professional taxi service can work here.

If you and your partner have been together for a long time and you think it is time for you to take the next step in your relationship and move in together, it is best that you analyze the pros and cons of moving in together and also think about your own relationship in order to make sure that you are ready for this next step.

Financial benefits

Of course, one of the main benefits of moving in together are the financial benefits of it. Instead of having to fork out the rent for two apartments, you will now have to pay for only one and each of you will only have to pay for have the rent which is a big financial burden off your shoulders. However, you should not simply move in with someone because you are broke because you could end up getting yourself in to a lot of trouble. If you have been together for a long time and you are comfortable with your partner without any doubts, then you should consider looking at garden road property buy of some places together. 

Now that you will not need to pay for two places, you will be able to afford a better place for the two of you if you are looking to upgrade. The main thing about moving in together is asking yourself if you are ready to commit to each other. You can start doing research on mid level apartment at Treasure Land Property Consultants Ltd and studying places that you like together. This will help you to get in to the mood of moving in together and help you to understand your own feelings about making this commitment.

Moving in together is more or less like marriage. You might not be signing a piece of paper to commit to staying together forever but you are committing to each other. It is also important for you to keep in mind that once you sign the contract and move in together, you are both responsible for paying rent and in the case of a break up, one of you may not be able to bear the cost of rent alone and this can be a very big problem which is why you need to think long and hard about your decision to move in together. It might even be a good idea to do a trial run where you stay at each other’s apartments for a few nights a week to see how it works out. You have to understand that living together is going to reveal an all different side to your partner.